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What is Golden Goblin Press?

Golden Goblin Press first appeared as a fictitious company in the story “The Black Stone” by Robert E. Howard, part of the Lovecraft Circle, and also the creator of Conan the Barbarian. Howard’s mythos stories had knife wielding cultists, running gun battles, and two fisted action.

Our Golden Goblin Press is a Chaosium licensee, dedicated to producing quality scenarios and articles for Call of Cthulhu. It will honor Howard’s legacy, but will not go overboard with it, nor ignore the contributions of other authors. Many of us here at Golden Goblin Press are also fans of the work of Ramsey Campbell, with his visions of dark, horror infused sensuality and the twisted erotic side of the mythos. Golden Goblin Press will present scenarios with that adult sensibility.

Our scenarios will pull no punches—investigators will face deadly peril and moral dilemmas. They may die, or, if they are very careful and very lucky, they might complete an investigation successfully, without entering a single round of combat. But, they will not be left untouched by what they learn.

Most Golden Goblin scenarios will begin with actual history. These scenarios will focus on the complex social issues of the periods they are set in. To deny the dark side of history is to refuse to learn the lessons it tries to teach us—and one of those lessons is that the horror humanity perpetrates upon its own kind is more appalling than anything our minds can imagine.

Lurking behind all of this will be the Mythos, unknowable, uncaring and ultimately unstoppable. The best investigators can hope for is winning a little more time for mankind.

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