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Island of Ignorance

IoIcoverIsland of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion will begin with four articles, a collection of pre-generated investigators and three scenarios. Additional articles and scenarios will be added to the lineup as we achieve stretch goals during our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

The initial lineup is as follows:


The Golden Goblin
by Geoff Gillan

Golden Goblin Press, the fictional creation of R.E. Howard, specialized in publishing obscure works such as Nameless Cults and Revelations of Hali. The company was founded by the Addlerton brothers, who named their company after a small Native American figurine they owned. What is this strange object? What does it represent and what powers does it possess? What about it drove the brothers to name a company after it? At long last, these questions will be answered by one of Call of Cthulhu’s true masters.

Meet the Walsh Family
by Dan Harms

The Walsh Brothers have a reputation as being some of the best rum-runners in all of New England. They are heavily armed with a fast boat, a secret island hide out, and a dangerous crew of loyal misfits and degenerates. They are widely feared by the Coast Guard, the criminal underworld which employs them and certain elements inside Innsmouth. You see, one brother nearly drowned as a child, and he was never the same after that. Meet the Walsh Family, a small, yet deadly, Cthulhu cult!

Requiem for Shaggai
by Scott David Aniolowski

In 1768, the composer Benevento Chieti Bordighera wrote a brilliant, yet frightening opera about alien beings fleeing a dying world. A year later, it was banned by Pope Clement XII and all known copies were destroyed; a year after that, its composer was put to death as a heretic. Few know the full history of this dreaded and infamous opera, Massa di Requiem per Shuggay. Golden Goblin Press is thrilled to have that history told by the author who originally created it!

When Johnny Came Marching Home
by Oscar Rios

A popular investigator background is that of being a veteran of the Great War. This article provides a structured, well balanced framework for creating such veteran investigators from any branch of the military. There are rules to reflect military training, combat experiences, economic hardships of veterans, and the detrimental effects trench warfare had on both body and soul. This is not a new profession, but a set of rules to blend the veterans’ wartime experience into their present day role.

Heroes and Heroines of the Lovecraft Country

For many years, these eighteen pre-generated investigators have been portrayed by hundreds of players at conventions. Each is a well rounded, combat tested, ready to play investigator. All are suitable for dropping into an existing game, whether to introduce a new player to Call of Cthulhu without the lengthy process of character generation, or as a readily available replacement investigator for a fallen party member. There is enough variety to create an entire team of investigators, with pre-gens suitable for every style of play. Also included is a quick checklist of typical investigator equipment, generated by a point system determined by the investigator’s Credit Rating score. The simple rules for this system are included on the checklist.

Finally, each has a unique investigator portrait supplied by… YOU. Golden Goblin Press will be offering eighteen supporters of our upcoming Kickstarter the chance to supply a personal photograph for the investigator of their choice. Photos will be digitally altered to appear as authentic 1920s photographs and inserted into the investigator portraits on the character sheets. Investigators are available on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss this opportunity to be immortalized as one of the Heroes & Heroines of Lovecraft Country!


by Brian M. Sammons

The investigators are drawn into a nightmarish sequel to an H. P. Lovecraft story that some have forgotten and others just assumed was over. It isn’t. In Arkham, there are horrors that have nothing to do with ghouls, ghosts, witches, or the Cthulhu Mythos. These monsters are all the more frightening because of their humanity and the lengths they will go to sate their inhuman appetites. Madness, murder, and mayhem are sure to follow, and investigators will have to overcome both supernatural powers and those given to people in authority by the laws of man. It all begins one misty night, on a lonely stretch of road between Dunwich and Arkham, with a horrible discovery.

Let the Children Come to Me
by Mark Shireman

Children are disappearing in Aylesbury, Massachusetts. Over the past 8 months, poor children, workers at a local textile mill, have vanished under mysterious circumstances. Such a situation should be cause for panic and uproar, except that most of the children reappear after a few days, just as suddenly and mysteriously as they disappeared, each perfectly fine and claiming that nothing happened. Investigators will be challenged to the edge of sanity and beyond as they examine whether the horrors of the Mythos are indeed worse than the evils which mankind can inflict upon itself…

The Lonely Point Lighthouse
by Oscar Rios

The investigators are hired by the local chamber of commerce to debunk rumors of a haunting in New London, Connecticut. The last two keepers at the lighthouse on Lonely Point, a small island about three miles off shore, both quit after supposedly hearing moans, tapping, and scratching sounds inside the lighthouse. Before that, the reclusive, but well respected, Fitch family lived there for twenty years without incident. What about the new rumors of a strange sea-monster haunting the areas? Could these stories be a ploy by locals to attract tourists, or does something dark lurk within the Lonely Point Lighthouse? The investigators are dropped off on Lonely Point with food and supplies for three days. Can they unravel the mystery as a violent nor’easter rages?

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